What impact SEO results

We get asked all the time “How to make my website #1 in Google” and “How does Google rankings work”. These are two great questions with complex answers. First thing to remember is that the Google ranking system is a) Super complex, b)Secret and c) Changes all the time.

The short answer is that the Google search system is a company secret and we can only guess how it operates. There are many smart people who postulate and consider the inner workings of the Google search algorithms. If you know how the search works then one can determine a path to higher rankings.

The good folks at Moz, an SEO firm ask a number of industry gurus what they think ticks the Search Engines ranking box and then kindly publish the results.

The table below summaries what these industry experts consider the most import aspects of a websites in terms of rankings.

Google rankings

What are the key influencers on the Algorithm?

search factors

What can we learn from this?

These factors are not “proof” of what search engines use to rank websites, but simply show the characteristics of web pages that tend to rank higher. Combining this understanding with both experience and knowledge of search engine algorithms can help lead to better SEO practices. The basics remain the same: Great original content, mobile friendly site, quality inbound links,

Read the full report at Moz.

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