New One Page website for SDC

New One Page website for SDC

Our long time buddy and business coach Angus Lyon of Johnson Fellowes wanted to create a new type of Networking in Surrey. And so the Surrey Dinner Club was born. Angus is a strong BNI advocate and chairs the Woking BNI networking group. Angus and I have also attended sundry 4N meetings in Guildford, Woking, Farnham and other Surrey locations.

The goal of a website for the Surrey Dinner Club was to keep it super simple and produce a good-looking site that did just one thing very well. Inform visitors of the next meeting of the SDC: The location, date and time.

We recently wrote about the benefits of a One Page Website and this strategy was a perfect fit with Angus’s objectives. More below on what constitutes a single or one page site.

The SDC site is a single webpage with 5 distinct pages: Home, About, Next Dinner, Team and Request Membership. However it is built in WordPress and loads as a single page. This single page structure means it is quick to jump to and from sections with no load time. It looks and operates extremely smoothly. The website has a neat slider section that provides key information in a scrolling way. It incorporates a Google Map that links to the next venue, links to Social Media for Facebook and Twitter feeds and a contact form.

sdc home page


sdc website goals

What is a one page website? The answer not surprisingly is – A website that has only one page and where the reader scrolls down rather than loads new pages from a traditional menu. A 1 page site may well have what looks like menu heading at the top of the page, however these link to sections of the page located lower down the page. Some reader may miss this fact and never notice.

Speed – Once the page is loaded the sites is extremely responsive as there is no more data to load from the webserver. This gives a very fluid experience. Modern web technologies such as Ajax and CSS3 are making these sites more popular, especially as we are thankfully seeing the demise of flash.

Simplicity – At first glance the idea that a website can be created with just one page seems a little crazy, but with the web industry shifting towards advocating simplicity for ease of use, single page web designs have become a viable and effective option.

KISS – One page sites work well for sites that focus on one main idea or concept and are especially suited for showing a portfolio of designs, ideas or images.

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