Counting website visitors

 Using analytics to monitor website performance

Google Analytics

It is one thing to have a website, but how do you know if it is receiving visitors and what those visitors are looking at.

The answer is to install tracking code on your site and we recommend Google Analytics. This is a free service from Google, that’s easy to install and provides solid and reliable information as to what is happening on your website.

Once installed you can access a page to graphically display visitor numbers per day, where they came from – did they search for your site or type the domain in. You can see where they are located by country and town, within reason.

You can see what pages they looked at and how long they stayed on the site.

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Google gives every page on every site a Page Rank quality ranking from Zero to 10. As a measure of quality the length of time people stay on the site is important as is the bounce rate, or how many people visit and then immediately leave.

Sample graphs of information:

The main Dashboard shows visits over the last month. The dates are selectable. This site has for example a 51% bounce rate and an average time on site of 5 minuets and 30 seconds, a reasonable long time.

Google Analytics dashboard

This graph shows visitors and their browsers: 55% Microsoft, 17% Firefox and 14 Chrome and Apple 11%

Google Analytics dashboard showing raw visitors numbers

Visitors came from 163 countries. Here you can see the UK is the largest with just under 6,000 visitors followed by France sending 1,500 viewers.

Google Analytics dashboard showing raw visitors numbers by country

And with in the UK the visitors are based in London and the South East.

Google Analytics dashboard showing raw visitors numbers from UKuk


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