Provision of Freephone and 0845 numbers

The Internet provides extreme opportunities for enhanced communications through digital media with fancy Webpages, graphic email campaigns and social media activities. However one key goal is to get clients to call you. What better incentive than providing an 0800 Freephone number so they have no reason not to pick up the phone.

Taybridge can now provide a full spectrum of phone numbers to compliment any web site or campaign. Numbers come in different types with varying costs to the caller.

The most well-known are 0800 and 0845 with 0800 being free to the caller and 0845 being charged as a local call. Of course calls from mobiles are likely to be higher. Ofcom however is expected to force the mobile providers to make 0800 calls from a cell phone free.

As a provider of the phone number you pay for some of the caller’s charges as well as a monthly line rental fee.

Other numbers available include 0300, 0333, 0844 as well as 01 and 02 numbers allowing you to offer a local number in any area of the country.

The 0300 and 0333 numbers:

These number are new and interesting as they provide a cheap to call solution even from mobiles. This is really important for businesses receiving a lot of calls from customers on mobiles, as other non-geographic numbers are expensive to call from mobile phones. Even 0800 Freephone numbers, which currently cost around 25p per minute to call from a mobile which unsurprisingly, puts a lot of people off.

We like to think of 0300 numbers and 0333 numbers as being ‘fair for all’, meeting the ever-growing public demand for a recognizable phone number range which is cheap to call from a both a land line and mobile. Calls to both 0330 numbers and 0333 numbers cost the same as a normal land line number (even from a mobile), or are completely free if the caller has free minutes. 03030 numbers are only available for public sector organisations, charity and not-for profit-organisations.

0845 numbers:

These numbers are ‘virtual’ meaning they sit on an existing land line or mobile and are commonly known as ‘lo-call’, because they’re just that – cheap to call! This makes them the popular option for clever businesses and customers alike, who don’t mind paying the typical 2p per minute call charges. For many customers with inclusive minutes with BT, calls to 0845 numbers are completely free!

0844 numbers:

These are numbers that can be used for profit in that the caller pay a per minute fee and the line owner receives a share of that fee. 0844 numbers are the popular choice for businesses running larger call centres and after-sales services. Customers only pay 5p per minute to make the call, with the companies operating them typically earning 2p per minute:

All Taybridge provisioned 0800, 0845 Freephone and other numbers come with a complete virtual terminal providing complete line reporting and management.


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