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Online video is growing at a rapid rate as more and more websites and Intranets add video as part of their communication strategy. Video is unique is delivering a compelling message that projects a powerful story. Video has the power to save time, close distances and create tangible business value.

Taybridge Consulting is proud to offer the Scree9 Video Hosting Solution, as an official Solution Partner and the first in the UK we are ideally placed to assist with the hosting of video.

screen9_logo The Screen9 Video Hosting solution offers a raft of unique benefits to host and manage all aspects of online video playback.

The company Screen9 is built and managed on four compelling cornerstones that are a close fit with the beliefs of Taybridge.

  • Quality – Our focus on quality has spawned a robust and feature rich platform with a high degree of flexibility and outstanding availability. The results of our quality focus results in services which work as intended, wherever and whenever.
  • Service – Our support is renowned for its responsiveness, knowledge and service mindedness. Our account managers and delivery managers care about your business and about our future relationship and looks after your interests on your behalf.
  • Long term – We value our relationships and strive for lifetime customers. We understand that what we deliver today needs to be maintained and supported tomorrow; hence we aim to only deliver maintainable and extendable solutions. We’re in this business for the long run.
  • Eco system – We acknowledge that our online video platform is a part of a larger eco system, hence we stride for partnerships and synergies within the eco system which deliver better value for our customers. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, hence we prefer partners who share our values on Quality and Service and are thinking about the Long Term.

The Screen9 solution, OVP, is a versatile and comprehensive platform for online video publishing. The platform is feature rich, reliable and flexible. You can access it either via Screen9′s intuitive user friendly web interface or indirectly via your integrated services or applications though the Screen9 APIs.

OVP contains everything you’d expect from a professional online video service including for example:

  • global high definition (HD) video delivery
  • mobile streaming to all major devices
  • live streaming
  • market leading statistics
  • user friendly and easily extendable players and video widgets
  • automatic search engine inclusion
  • user management
  • access control
  • high availability
  • documentation, knowledge base and integration support

All functionality in the platform is available via a robust API which enables customers to build powerful web applications in a timely and efficient manner. You choose which parts of the platform you would like to use for your video solution and which components you don’t need for your solution. With Screen9, you won’t have to limit your vision because of limitation in the underlying video platform. As your needs evolve over time, so does the Screen9 platform with more features and more functionality. In the future, you may want to make better use of some modules or incorporate new modules and so you should. With Screen9 your OVP investment will be future proof and you’ll have a partner you can grow with.

Video Markets:

There are three distinct markets that benefit from a professional video platform.

Internal Communications, Media Organizations and Online Retailers, follow the links to read more.

CMS Integration:

Online video needs to be integrated into a website structure via a CMS platform. Screen9 supports a number of leading CMS systems including:

Current CMS integrations


EPiServer is one of the most successful CMS providers in northern Europe. Screen9 provides an integration Addon for EPiServer. Learn more about the Screen9 Video Addon for EPiServer.


sharepointMicrosoft SharePoint is a commonly used platform for intranets. Screen9 provides an integration web part for SharePoint 2010 & 2013. Learn more about the Screen9 SharePoint Video Integration.


wordpressWordPress is a popular open source CMS. The Screen9 module makes it easy to get started with video publishing in WordPress. Learn more about the Screen9 WordPress Video Plugin.


drupalDrupal is a popular open source CMS. The Screen9 module makes it easy to get started with video publishing in Drupal. Learn more about the Screen9 Drupal Video Plugin.


atexAtex provides the CMS Polopoly which is a CMS often used by media and newspaper publishing organisations. Screen9 provides a professional CMS plugin that was originally developed by Polopoly themselves. The plugin is not available for public download but is available to customers upon request. Learn more about the Screen9 Polopoly Video Plugin.

html codeThe Screen9 platform is very well suited to integrate into virtually any CMS. Many of our customer’s have integrated the service with their custom systems with great success. The number of available CMSs is greater than we can build integrations for but if we have customer interest in a particular system, we can often help out. Are you for example using SiteCore, Sitevision, Umbraco, Typo3, Joomla or something else – please contact us and we can probably help you!

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