Video Solutions for Media Organizations

Responding to your needs. Resolving your problems.

With a constant stream of new standards and protocols, the online video landscape is in a state of continuous change. This can throw up challenges for online video platforms when delivering, for example, advertising across different platforms.

Another cause of frustration is that companies find it difficult to integrate video publishing into their day-to-day workflow. Especially when it comes to setting up live streaming.

At Taybridge and Screen9, not only do we understand the challenges facing media organizations but we also have the code-crunching brainpower to keep you up to speed.

As easy as publishing text or images – streamlining workflow

With online video becoming core, you want a platform that integrates with your existing systems. And you want it to be intuitive and easy to use.

Thanks to our robust APIs, we can integrate virtually any service – CDN, advertising, statistics and more – with your content management system. Completely seamlessly. In other words, you can publish text, images and video all within the same application.

The multi-tool online video platform

Think of the Screen9 online video platform as a Swiss Army knife that’s packed full of the tools you need. As your requirements grow, we can add new applications. Special needs? We tailor to order. And because we’re a tech-centric company, we’ll keep you ahead of the curve.

For example, our platform lets you replace published videos without having to change the embedded codes. It also allows you to clone media for sharing video between accounts/sites. Here’s a list of some of the tools that come as standard with the Screen9 online video platform:

  • Adaptive streaming
  • Analytics and reporting
  • CMS integrations
  • Chapters
  • Comscore analytics
  • Extensions and integrations
  • Fast transcoding
  • Geo protection
  • Google analytics
  • HTML5 and Flash players
  • Live streaming
  • SEO
  • Sprinkle export
  • Subtitles
  • VAST compliant players

Instant availability, all the time, with unlimited capacity

Users are impatient: they expect videos to launch immediately and do not tolerate clips that are slow. That’s why we work together the Tier 1 internet carrier Level 3 Communications. Trusted by companies such as Apple and Netflix, it is one of just six global Tier 1 internet carriers. Tier 1 provision costs a little more, but thanks to an end-to-end network, ubiquitous caching and replication, together with unlimited streaming capacity, videos are always instantly available.

The trouble-shooters

You’ll find that our support staff really know their stuff. This is because they are often the developers who write the code. They are thorough, like to get to the bottom of things and are encouraged to be actively involved in solving client problems.

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