Video Solutions for web retailers

Decrease price sensitivity. Increase conversions

Retail sites in the US have already discovered the positive impact that video has on sales. In the UK and Europe, an increasing number of retailers are gearing up with Video.

As consumers, we buy with our eyes – so video can lead to high conversion rates. Video lets a consumer see how a piece of clothing falls and moves in the light. Travel sites are using video to steer traffic to fill vacant plane seats and hotel rooms. Plus, there’s a growing trend for consumers to post videos on blogs and social media about planned or new purchases – giving retailers potentially massive brand exposure.

Research shows that you remember five times more after watching a video compared to reading a text. This is because video engages your senses, which means your mind is less likely to drift. Studies also demonstrate that people are less sensitive to pricing after seeing a video.

The business-savvy techies

Companies are turning to Screen9 for two main reasons:

  • One, they want a platform that integrates with their existing systems; a platform that is easy to use and intuitive.
  • Two, they want a partner who takes the time to understand their business, and who has the competence to suggest ways in which video can strengthen their offering.

Robust, flexible platform

Built on robust APIs, our platform can integrate with virtually any system – PIM, DAM, e-commerce, statistics and CMS – completely seamlessly. In other words, you can publish text, images and video all within the same system.

The Screen9 platform is feature rich and enables features such as calls-to action, which can help boost sales.

Instant availability, all the time, with unlimited capacity

Users are impatient: they expect videos to launch immediately and do not tolerate clips that are slow. That’s why we work together the Tier 1 internet carrier Level 3 Communications. Trusted by companies such as Apple and Netflix, it is one of just six global Tier 1 internet carriers. Tier 1 provision costs a little more, but thanks to an end-to-end network, ubiquitous caching and replication, together with unlimited streaming capacity, videos are always instantly available.

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