Social Media Management

Taybridge introduces Social Media Management

A complete outsourced service to provide Twitter and Facebook posts on a consistent and regular basis. Introducing Social Media Made Easy.

Taybridge Consulting is now offering a complete outsourced Social Media service to create and distribute content to enhance your company and your brand without you having to lift a finger.

  • If you are already Tweeting and posting on Facebook we can extend your reach and consistency.
  • If you have made only a few posts to experiment with Social we can build on your foundations.
  • If you have yet to make the plunge or don’t know where to start we can guide you every step of the way.

The use of Social Media is growing at a furious pace both socially and in business. It now has to be considered as a critical component of any marketing plan. At the heart of any social media plan is consistency. Frequent and regular on-target messages help promote any product or service. Users are more and more influenced by the messages they see and recommendations they receive from friends and peers. Social is key in addressing this market.

Taybridge Social Made Easy provides a complete Facebook and Twitter content creation and posting service up to five times a day all scheduled 5 days in advance for one low monthly fee. The combined Fusion service for £199.95 per month provides consistent, regular and focused Tweets and Facebook posts. We even integrate these on your existing website and can establish links and feeds as required.

Taybridge offer a Twitter service or a Facebook service and a Fusion account that combines Twitter with images and Facebook with images. These are monthly fees excluding VAT.


Twitter with images


Facebook with images







Please note that all Fusion (BOTH) accounts come with image posting on both Twitter and Facebook included in the price.

We also offer optional enhanced Analytics to review the status of your website viewers and their interaction with your content and social messages.

Enhanced analysis SEO Keyword Reporting: £29.95 – Monthly analysis of keywords and their ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing with comparisons with 4 competing websites.

Enhanced Google Analytics: £29.95 – Monthly reporting of traffic and visitor numbers provided on-line in an easy to understand way.

Is there a setup fee?

To ensure an excellent level of tweets or posts about your business we carry out social profiling.  This means that we expect you to fill out a questionnaire telling us about you and your business.  The more information we know about you and your company the better the tweets or posts that we can write about your business.   We write the tweets/posts as if it is you writing them so it is vital that we know as much about you and your business as possible.  On top of that you will be able to tell us which keywords and areas of your business you would like us to focus on. We’ll also lookup as much information from your website and other websites in your industry as we can. The research we carry out takes a long time hence the setup fee.   

Each account will require a setup fee.  We charge one setup fee of £99.95 + VAT regardless of what the chosen account type is. This does not include us installing the embedded Twitter feed into your website – although we will still offer full technical support to help you install it. If you would prefer us to install the feed onto your website we need to look at each website to see how long it will take before quoting a setup fee. There are so many different CMS and operating system differences that it’s unfair to give a “one price fits all”. The price is likely to be between £49.95 and £99.95. This also includes setting up a style sheet to ensure the feed matches the website and looks good.

Can I see a demonstration?

Smm portal logonOf course please login to the demo portal using your email and password “demo5”at:

You will be see a control panel reflecting the activity of a demo account. Here you can see scheduled and past posts and their results in terms of traffic and hits on your website.

smm portal demo


I am looking for a totally bespoke social media campaign – can you provide it?

Of course. The standard Fusion service provides a consistent message: Our tweets and posts contain plenty of daily comments and facts about your business and are very specific to your business. But not EVERY one of our posts is about your business. We’ve carried out extensive testing of the value and effectiveness of social media campaigns.

Some of the tweets we provide are quite random social things. We’ve found that if you just tweet about very dry subjects in a very formal way, then you are missing the “social” aspect of Social Media Marketing.

To train someone to give specific tweets about nothing but things within a specific client industry (for instance researching trade shows or keeping up with cutting edge developments in specific industries) would be expensive (these services exist and are normally from £500 – £2,500 per month!) Often these very industry specific services are actually quite dull compared to ours, despite them being many times the price. By mixing interesting facts, topical commentary and various things we retain viewer’s interest whilst still coming in at our much lower price point. We will tweet topical news items, links to inspiring photographs or powerful images, sayings, famous or inspirational quotes (and much more), as WELL as mentioning details that are specific to your business every day.

Let’s not also forget that if you have one or two bits of industry news per month that you’d really like included in your feed – you can schedule it yourself via control panel.

On top of this we provide ad-hoc consulting to help you learn more about the benefits of Social Media and exploring the use of other services such as LinkedIn, Google + and YouTube. We run introductory and advanced Social Media training courses. On-site training and coaching is also available for £75 / hour.

How do I sign up?

Complete the form below or all Taybridge (0203 371 8355) to commence. We will then send you the setup document to profile the business. We will require payment for the setup fee and first monthly fee and provide you with the Keyword and Business profiling form. It asks for lots of information from you. We work with you to ensure it contains the correct list of keywords that you would like mentioned in your Tweets and posts. Any SEO phrases you are optimising for should be included in this list. Also please include any internal pages that are being specifically SEO targeted.

We aim to begin the service within 7 working days.

There are no ongoing contracts. You are free to cancel at any time if you wish to do so. We do require a one month notice for cancellation.

Do you have a FAQ section so that I can learn more?

Of course you can read on-line of download our social media marketing

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