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SEO link-building and co-citation

SEO Thought for the week As part of our role as advising clients on Digital Marketing we virtually always get asked how you get to the top on Google. We always respond with – it depends and this starts a conversation about site designs, rankings, key words and of course SEO. Part of any engagement

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Effective email marketing strategies – segmentation RFM

As your email list grows with new prospects and customers how do you segment the master list into more manageable groups addressing the different needs and requirements to drive sales further and boost ROI? One key strategy is the use of RFM in analysing data and sending more focused communications. RFM: Recency, Frequency, Monetary: Behavioural

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Using Apple iPhone with iOS6 guide

Guide for Apple iPhone running iOS6   This guide was produced with material from Make Use of IT and with help from Tim Brookes. Dive in or jump to a section: Index: Lock Screen | Home Button | Searching & Switching | Notifications | Telephone Calls | Face Time | Camera | Photo Management | Messaging & SMS | E-mail | Calendar | Safari 1. Unlocking and Home Screen   Starting with the basics, the first lesson

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Office 365 training day at Microsoft

Thanks to Microsoft and Westcoast Distribution for a great day yesterday reviewing and updating us on the plans and options for Microsoft Office 365 and Westcoast Cloud Computing. Harjeet Kumar od Microsoft gave a detailed view of the changes in the latest Office 365 suite of solutions and the changing cloud storage options. Things are a

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They are called Smart phones for a reason

Tennis Player endorses Samsung and Tweets About How Much He Loves His Samsung Galaxy S4…From His iPhone When you post a tweet or take a photo we know where you are and what device you are using. It’s called a Smart phone for a reason. When you use an Application on your phone it is

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Mac Keyboard shortcuts tricks

Mac keyboard short cuts: Takeaway: Alastair Dodwell advises beginners to learn these basic keyboard short-cuts and you’ll be well on your way to greater efficiency on your Mac

The best Windows browser today: IE 10, Firefox or Chrome 25?

Summary: Microsoft and Google have both just released new Internet browsers for Windows 7. So which is the best now? Summary: Microsoft and Google have both just released new Internet browsers for Windows 7. So which is the best now? Microsoft Windows 7 is used by a substantial share of the home and business PC

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Graphic connectors – VGA – DVI – HDMI and DisplayPort: which is best?

EXPLAINED How to choose a monitor connection We recently added additional monitors to some of the Taybridge Windows PCs to provide a three workstation environment. We selected AMD video cards. If you look on the back of a top-flight AMD Radeon and you’ll find, along with the now-familiar DVI ports, HDMI and DisplayPort connectors and no

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Use ‘Pin Tab’ to organise your browsing in Google Chrome

Summary: Google Chrome’s “Pin Tab” feature is an often-overlooked option that can help users organise their work in the browser and manage creeping tabs. A lot of power users on the web suffer from tab creep. You get so many browser tabs open that it quickly becomes confusing to find your most-used tabs, such as

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